The Rim^3 Objective

The objective: take a hike from one rim of the Grand Canyon, across to the other rim, and back to the start. The difficulty: make a day trip out of it. That’s 48 miles, somewhere between 12,000 and 20,000 feet of elevation gain (depending on who you ask), all completed in under 24 hours.

Thats the goal, at least.

It’s the same distance and elevation gain as making the 5 day trip from base camp to the peak of Everest and back. Except in a day. Granted, our conditions will be somewhat more temperate, but the scale is there.

This blog will follow my training and theories and general obsession with completing the trip later this spring, sometime around late April or early May. Survival is the basic goal, but my hope is to be so entirely over trained that I’ll actually get some enjoyment out of the trip.

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