The Players

A quick introduction to the parties involved so far:

Me, The Engineer. I’ve been trying to do this trip for years, ever since the Salesman first pitched it. I’ll bring in whatever technical edge I can, both in preparation and execution of the journey.

The Doctor, the other key member. A medical student and self described “wild card.” He is in better shape, has more grounded experience in training for athletic events, and has the best knowledge of human physiology of the crew. However, he plans to bring none of these skills into play, relying instead on sheer instinct.

The Salesman, a marathon runner who saw the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim  as decent motivation to maintain his training. We trained last year, and much of my baseline knowledge of endurance training and hiking metrics come from time spent with him. Unfortunately, through a variety of circumstances, he likely won’t make it on this Spring 2012 inaugural attempt.

The Jersey Devil. While not planning on attempting the trip herself, her vast experience in film production will be utilized as we attempt to immortalize the event.

And others, of course, supporting members who will be mentioned as their relevance comes up, and maybe even more people jumping in to give it a go.

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